Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Greatest Centerfielder of All Time

Jim Edmonds has returned to finish his first-ballot Hall of Fame career with the Cardinals. And yes, I am celebrating too much. And yes, I pray that he starts over Berkman. YES.

(Extreme side note - when typing Jim Edmonds into Google, the first result of the instant search after the obvious 'Jim Edmonds' is 'Jim Edmonds gay.' What haters.)


  1. Upon googling "Is Jim Edmonds gay?", I found this.

    Q: Is Jim Edmonds gay?

    A: He is simply a man; at times a very happy man. . .but gay? WTF does it matter. . .I mean REALLY?

    I guess that sums it up.

  2. As of February 18 this post is false. Sorry Cooly