Thursday, May 19, 2011

Beat the Streak

Everyone has their list of websites that they go to on a daily basis. Email, ESPN, MLB Trade Rumors, Fantasy Baseball, Twitter, Facebook, etc. One of mine is MLB Beat the Streak, I suggest you add it to your routine. You will not get anything out of it, except being insanely frustrated. I may be becoming a masochist like ZTP because I do not make it easy on myself either (not that it would help) I have strict rules that I follow because alternating between Ichiro, Pedroia, and Castro takes the excitement out of it. Now the rules I live by:

1. Never pick the same player twice in one week
It is too easy and mindless to pick Tulowitzki against the Pirates and Padres at home. Challenge yourself.
2. Never pick a player from the White Sox or Cardinals
They both suck and have bad players (I hate myself every time I really want to pick Pujols and can’t).
3. Only choose the pick of the day if you thought of it first
See the response to #1.
4. Limit yourself to the stats displayed on the site only and personal knowledge of the pitcher/hitter
When you already spend way too much time on fantasy baseball during the day over analyzing everything and coming up with stupid trades you have to set limits. Unless you are unemployed, then go for it.
5. Get angry
How does Vlad go 0-4 against Jason Vargas? Why shouldn’t Granderson get at least one hit off R.A. Dickey? He has allowed 64 hits this year and opponents are hitting .311, and Curtis is hitting .300 off him, not to mention carrying the Yankees right now. How do you not play B.J. Upton against the Orioles’ Jeremy Guthrie in Tampa Bay?

So is how it goes for MLB Beat the Streak. A true love/hate relationship. I think I have learned what fatherly pride is like from it too because you don’t know how happy I was when Denard Span got a hit off of Wade Davis. After writing those out I realized I sound like Vince Vaughn from Wedding Crashers with these but who cares. Rule #76 No excuses. Play like a champion!

Also just like Josh Hartnett there is no way you are going to make it, be happy with a streak of 15.

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  1. I wrote this with little thought or proof reading. I refuse to let YSSW to get archived by google for inactivity.