Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Welcome Back!

I've been struggling (nay, thought about this a couple of times) with a pretty heavy decision relating to Start Wedman. I had been completely convinced that I was going to be leaving the blog, for greener pastures (there were no greener pastures, this is a lie). Honestly, I haven't posted anything in a few months, and with the rise to glory that Derrick Rose had this year, a hectic work schedule, and being out of the country for awhile I really have not been thinking about baseball all too much.

Since I've gotten back, I've started to pay attention to baseball again. Much to my surprise lots of things are still angering me. Yesterday, I read this (which I believe has been taken down from Grantland because of its terribleness). Juan Pierre continues to start and bat leadoff for the White Sox. Adam Dunn has gotten as many hits the past 2 weeks as I have.

The final straw that compelled me to write again occurred just minutes ago. Wrapping up everything I have going at work, I end up getting home early and flipping on MLB Network. Here are my thoughts in a rough retro active diary:

4:00 Finish up watching Jeopardy! feeling great. "Oh, hey I should turn on MLB Network haven't done that in awhile.

4:02 Great a live look in. So glad I turned this on. I think I've watched about 10 minutes of baseball the past 2 months.

4:03 Shit, Kevin Millar is one of the 2 analysts working. This is bad.

4:05 MLB Network shows a clip of Eric Byrnes screaming at Kevin Millar for calling San Francisco- "San Fran". Mind you, Byrnes is sporting one hell of a case of punchy face. His hair is some form of messy/homeless. He is screaming as if Stephen A. Smith and Jim Rome had a baby that sports a shit eating grin and bad hair. If you appreciate humor, happiness, intelligence, debate, breathing, arguments, laughter, puppies, boobs, baseball, or living everything Byrnes just said offended you.

4:08 Kevin Millar responds to Byrnes' rant by saying, "I'll call it San Fran!!!!! Because I'm not from San Francisco... I'm from the WEST SIDEEEEEEE!!!!!!!" (holds up West Side hand signal). This offends every fiber of my being. I want to vomit this makes me so angry.

4:15 I cannot remember what happened for the next 7 minutes. Rage blackout.

4:20 I have to find something else on. I can't watch this. It hurts me physically.

4:23 Really, the only thing on right now is Melissa and Joey????? I guess I'll go back to MLB Network.

4:32 Kevin Millar starts talking again. I'm forced to switch over to Melissa and Joey.

4:35 Head in hands, wishing I could be back at work.

4:40 Turn back on MLB Network, Kevin Millar is still alive. I begin to hate life.

4:52 I subdue my rage by sending out a few angry tweets that hopefully will lighten my anger.

4:53 I finally realize that this is the exact reason that I have the blog. Without StartWedman I would have had a heart attack at 22. Seriously, this is my outlet for venting on all the things I hate about baseball. If I didn't have this, I would be screaming at coworkers, yelling at them for thinking Juan Pierre is a useful player or that Derek Jeter is one of the Top 5 Greatest Players of all time. This website is my stress ball. If I could not go on swear word laced tirades here, where else would this anger be misplaced? I start writing.

5:32 Chris sends a Picture of Tower Bridge with a title saying "... I miss it." I realize how sweet my Europe trip really was. I look up and see Eric Byrnes on the MLB Network stage. Ugh.

5:43 MLB Network announces they are about to show Kevin Millar interviewing Terry Francona. I opt to turn the TV off.