Monday, July 11, 2011

2011 YSSW Midseason Awards

It's that time of summer again. Those three days of misery when baseball fans across the world are forced to watch the ever-annoying Home Run Derby (I miss the good ole synthetic days) that proceeds the All Star game that includes a quarter of the MLB population.

Thankfully, just before the final round of the Derby, I have enough blood left to type before the brain aneurysm Chris Berman and Nomar caused takes my life. Although, this is the first year that Boomer hasn't induced the internal bleeding. That honor belongs to the 15-year-old, polo shirt wearing, possibly mentally handicapped Sam Fuld that joined pre-Derby show.

But enough of re-hashing of the shitshow we were forced to sit through tonight (or flipping between watching Michael Jordan win his sixth championship). It's time to get to the good stuff. The always exciting, annual YSSW midseason awards. This year, we have two participants to hand out these highly coveted awards.

Now that Zach has had the chance to see socialism in action during his European vacation, his baseball mind has been skewed. And his picks represent so...


Since I've barely watched any baseball this year, I'm making all of my selections based on the news stories that have been out about the players and the amount of fantasy yelling these players have produced. On that note, here we go:

NL MVP - Andrew McCutchen. He was an All Star snub (Has he replaced one of the 27 guys who backed out of the ASG yet?), but he has been one of the most valuable players this year. Or so says the Fangraphs WAR numbers.
AL MVP - (Tie) Josh Hamilton and Derek Jeter. Derek Jeter recently hit his 3,000th hit, which surely means he is worthy of an All Star Selection/MVP/Lifetime Achievement Award/Oscar/High Times Man of the Year Award. Josh Hamilton just killed someone. Which means he is creeping up on Ugueth Urbina in the PK (People Killed) category.
AL Cy Young - Justin Verlander. My first pick was going to be Old Hoss Radbourn, but I decided against it. 
NL Cy Young - Is Bronson Arroyo still good? No, crap. I guess I'll go Roy Halladay. 
NL ROY - Danny Espinosa. he's killing it for my fantasy team!
AL ROY - Eric Hosmer. He's good right? 
Worst Player AL - Juan Pierre. Not even a question on this one 
Worst Player NL - Raul Ibanez. A -1.1 WAR is a difficult task. Good work Raul.


AL EAST - Boston
AL WEST - Rangers (The team that kills together, wins together!)
AL CENTRAL - Tampa Bay (I'm giving this one to the Rays because no one in the Central deserves the postseason. If forced to choose I will side with the Tigers though)
AL WILDCARD - Yankees  
AL CHAMPS - Red Sox 
NL EAST - I really wanted to pick the Mets, to show the same amount of faith in them as I had last year, but I'm going to go Phillies
NL WEST - Giants
NL CENTRAL - Pirates! So what if this won't ever happen, its fun to dream
NL CHAMPS - Braves 

Pretty crazy, but not completely out of his mind quite yet. When Zach picks Messi for AL MVP, we should all start worrying. Between Zach's lack of awareness and my insanity from last year, I am unfortunately going to be rather boring. I blame corporate America for whitewashing me.


AL MVP - Curtis Granderson. Last time I checked, I think he's on pace for 175 runs, no joke. Okay, now that I check things, maybe that pace has slowed down. And Joey Bats is only six behind him. Alright, nevermind, I'm changing my vote to Bautista.
NL MVP - Lance Berkman. So shoot me, I came around on him finally.
AL Cy Young - CC Sabathia. It's rare that the dude with the most wins also happens to lead his league in WAR. CC wants his paper this offseason and is making it happen.
NL Cy Young - Doc Halladay. So boring.
AL Rookie of the Year - Michael Pineda
NL Rookie of the Year - Not Anthony Rizzo and his .166 batting average. So Danny Espinosa works out.


AL EAST - Boston Red Sox. Remember when Bill Simmons and Ken Tremendous were freaked out in April? That was hilarious.
AL CENTRAL - Chicago White Sox
AL WEST - Texas Rangers
AL WILD CARD - New York Yankees
AL CHAMP - Boston Red Sox
NL EAST - Philadelphia Phillies
NL CENTRAL - St. Louis Cardinals
NL WEST - San Francisco Giants
NL WILD CARD - Atlanta Braves
NL CHAMP - Philadelphia Phillies

Ugh, so boring. I know that a lot of people, mainly Buster Olney, have been making a huge deal about how 22 teams are within ten games of the playoffs right now. But when you look at the standings, are there really any surprises that anyone can see happening? The only races that will play out until the last week are probably both Central divisions. But in the AL, the winner gets a first round crushing from the Red Sox. And in the NL, the Cardinals/Reds was probably a coin flip before the season anyway.

But in the end, there will probably be a ton of teams over .500 that will help support Bud's ridiculous realignment visions. There will be run fixing involved, and I will be sad.

But whatever, here's the boring World Series winner from me - Philadelphia Phillies

And sneaking in last minute to steal my thunder (and giving me a bitch of a time formatting his picks), Mr. Anonymous is taking over...


AL MVP - Adrian Gonzalez; 150 RBI on a great team should be enough to win it.
AL Cy Young - Justin Verlander; Another no hitter during the second half and its locked up.
AL Rookie of the Year - Mark Trumbo; Toss up, Trumbo is a sweet name.
AL East -  Red Sox; Just like AMPM, too much good stuff.
AL Central - Indians; Asdrubal Cabrera is overachieving, and the rest of the central sucks.
AL West - Rangers; Tight race…
AL Wild Card - Yankees; Like usual the AL East must have two representatives.

Matt Kemp; going to have 30, 30, 100. The only problem is that the Dodgers are bad.
NL Cy Young - Cole Hamels; Could be anyone from the Phillies staff.
NL Rookie of the Year -  Darwin Barney; First his numbers are tops amongst rookies, and is gritty.
Second, his name is also sweet.
NL East - Phillies; Too solid of a pitching staff to drop off.
NL Central - Pirates; As a fan of a notorious losing team, you’ve got to have hope!
NL West - Giants; The NL West sucks.
NL Wild Card - Braves; A great combination of youth/experience and pitching/offense, just not enough to beat the Phillies consistently.



Red Sox vs. Indians
Rangers vs. Yankees

Red Sox vs. Rangers; Yankees don’t have enough pitching, and the Red Sox have too much of everything.


Phillies vs. Giants
Pirates vs. Braves

Phillies vs. Braves; Really wanted to go with the Pirates, but they need another piece or two (unless the trade deadline is good to them). Phillies’ starters are sick.

World Series - Phillies vs. Red Sox; Phillies in 6, a great match-up that would be exciting to see.

And there you have it, two Phillies picks and one Red Sox vote of confidence. Long live annoying sports fans.

Please note that I apologize in advance for the gratuitous errors probably listed within this post. There are not usually my style, but the combination of an evening of "BACK BACK BACK BACK BACK" and recent spurt of Words With Friends has melted all portions of my brain that form letters into words into sentences.