Friday, May 31, 2013

My Battle Against Keith Law

So here I was just trying to mind my own business and get through Friday. It has been a long week even with the holiday on Monday. Three hours to go, the Diamondbacks game is about to come on the radio, this should be easy.

Soriano comes up in the first and immediately sours the mood with a wind aided home run. After I wipe away the tears, I see this tweet from Steve Gilbert:

Of course, I agree with this tweet. In my opinion, some players just get hot against certain teams. I can't explain it. Stats don't really support it. But it happens. Maybe the Diamondbacks put Alfonso's hand in some water while he took a nap at Chase and he had to play the entire game with pee-pants on. I don't know. I DO know that if some team forced me to play an entire baseball game in pee-pants, I would make sure it was my best game every time out.

The third inning didn't go much better. Quick single by DeJesus, strike out for Castro, and a double by Rizzo makes runners on second and third with one out. Soriano is walking up to the dish. Why not intentionally walk him here? You need a double play to get out of this jam, Miley's GB % is sitting right at 50% for the year, and you have a hitter who already hit a bomb and historically crushes Diamondbacks pitching.

So if you watched the game you know that there was an IBB for Soriano and Hairston soon after blasted a grand slam.

Then comes this from Keith Law:

A couple of things are already in effect for this perfect twitter battle storm. 1) The Cubs, who I have spent most of the day bashing on social media, are crushing the Diamondbacks at the time 7-0, 2) I downed not one, not two, but three energy drinks this morning, and 3) I was always in disagreement with Law on his IBB stance and this time he took a shot at my team.

So I shoot a quick tweet that summarizes the Gilbert tweet from above to Law thinking that I may have myself a good argument.

Plus, Law has over 530,000 followers, so why would he care what one from NWI says on a Friday afternoon right?

This then pops up on the TweetDeck:

Was it just me? Or did Keith Law, senior writer for ESPN, essentially just call me an idiot to the world? Does Keith Law know that I once coached a little league team for a summer and we went 16-0?

I don't think he does.

So being the competitive person that I am, I take the easy way out:

HAHA! Got you good Keith Law!

So here I am, sitting at the desk with a big smile on my face because I just outsmarted an ESPN writer with a super witty comeback. However, apparently Keith Law had a lot of time on his hands today. So he thought it would be an awesome idea to rip into me while I really couldn't do much about it.

Well Keith Law. No, no I can't really explain that since I didn't expect/prepare for an answer from you. Maybe if you had given me enough time, I would have.

However, I do try to explain my reasoning:

To which he responds:

Oh great.

Keith Law not only responded to that, but he retweeted it to the world and was able to make fun of me all in one tweet. My reputation has taken a hit now. So somewhat trying to calm the battle and save some of my dignity I respond with:

After my last tweet to Keith Law, I haven't had a response back. Meaning....

I won.

I finally defeated him. 37 minutes of battle, but it was worth it.

I'm not sure where I wanted to go with this other than to show people the true side of Keith Law. But I don't care. I got the last word in. In 99% of arguments, that's who wins.


Apparently, things have not ended as I would have hoped. After I received this congratulatory message from a friend:

I quickly received this as a reply:

It seems as if my relationship with Keith Law may be damaged forever.